Live Soundscape Music for Yoga and Meditation



“There is a powerful magic that unfolds when Christopher shares his soulful soundscapes in a yoga class. The alchemy of music and movement and breath has the power to drop students deep into themselves and into the moment. As a teacher, I often find myself lost in the beauty of his magic only to emerge more fully connected to my practice and my students. Beyond his brilliance as a musician, Christopher’s joy for life, and commitment to his craft, make him a dream collaborative partner. (Alternately) Yoga + Christopher Raven… make me trip the hell out!!” 

-Kirsten Koba, Yoga Teacher/Guide @ Pranam Yoga Shala, Omaha, NE


“Welcoming Christopher into our studio was one of the most moving experiences we have had yet!  

Introducing live music alongside of teaching a yoga class is truly an art.  Having never met Christopher in person before he arrived, I was curious to see how it would all translate.  The minute he started vibing on his guitar before the class, my heart melted and mind dissolved.  I actually stopped mid sentence in the conversation I was having and just received the sound bath that he was providing.  It felt like the whole space moved into a deeper realm, like when the sun moves across your face on a spring day.  

Leading the class while Christopher played his sweet musings, was incredible.  I often share about being a clear vessel as a teacher to allow the teachings to come through me versus from me.  His music only enhanced that process and dropped all of us – students and teacher – into a place of oneness in the moment.  

One student even said that she “didn’t just hear the music, but FELT it”.  It was like traveling dimensions, as if we were flowing through the “rings of Saturn”, completely ethereal!  It truly was an energetic experience that is difficult to put into words.  

The way he shares the music is not just in the way of singing or playing an instrument, rather a connection to Nada Yoga and the healing power of sound.  Our students dropped into the experience immediately, and even practitioners that tend to be more physical, all of a sudden began experiencing their bodies in a more fluid and connected way.  

Completely alchemical in nature, I would highly recommend Christopher to any yoga studio or teacher who is looking for a way to deepen the experience of their students and surf on the wave of this kind of healing.  What a co-creation between us all!  Excited to have him back on a regular basis.” 

-Jackie Paulson, Owner of {Be} Yoga Studio, Sioux City, IA



“What Christopher Raven brings to a yoga class is astounding. The gift of his music has layers of joy, happiness, peace, and energy! On top of that, he’s exceptional at reading a room and adjusting according to the energy of the yogis and instructor. If you have a chance to hear him play, don’t miss it! We are truly grateful to have him in our studio.”

-Rachel Stratton, Manager/Instructor @ Sacred Yoga, Norfolk, NE


“Christopher Raven is a special treat to have in any yoga class!  He creates a safe space to dive deeper into yourself through the magic of sound. His music acts as a vehicle to move you closer to the breath, connecting you to the body, and quieting our busy minds. His presence in a yoga class is an experience that will take you further into your practice, grow you in ways you can’t imagine, and leave you feeling alive, joyful, and so much love. I highly recommend checking out a class where he is playing, you won’t regret or forget it! <3″

-Bridget Lavin, Owner of Lighthouse Yoga, Omaha, NE


“Christopher has an innate sense and rare ability to read a room, which allows him to create the perfect soundscape experience. His generous and humble spirit, is only surpassed by his gift to permeate a space with music that will undoubtedly take an ordinary event and transform it into a memorable occasion.”

-Carole Westerman, Owner of Evolve to Harmony Yoga, Omaha, NE


“Christopher Raven helps bridge a deeper connection to the soul.  As a teacher I notice how Christopher enhances the class, not just by matching the pace, but by anticipating the direction and leading the students seamlessly into their next breath.  He is a true gift to the yoga world.”

-David Saxby, Yoga Teacher/Guide, Omaha, NE


“Christopher creates a serene and peaceful environment allowing students to completely let go and drop in.  He has such an amazing gift of being able to read the energy of the room and translate it into music.  Christopher’s presence enhances the energy of the room every time he enters it.”

-Kirsten Von Malotky, Yoga Teacher/Guide, Omaha, NE


“I got the pleasure of having Christopher play for me at an outdoor yoga class this summer! It was so nice to be able to have someone participate and teach the class WITH me. Even though Christopher was playing music, it felt like I wasn’t alone. I had someone with me, behind me, connecting with me, and supporting me as I taught my class. It really created a community and a togetherness as I taught the class. It’s like Christopher had my back. :)”

-Amanda Jorgensen, Owner of The Studio Yoga and Barre, Spencer, Iowa



Album Review: Learning to be Free to Just Be, Vol One


“I am so enjoying your recently released track. it has gone right to the top of my meditation listening. It has a super great vibrational energy that goes deep into my soul, where it both soothes and energizes simultaneously! Than you so much for this gift! You are sure the channel of some seriously divine goodness to we folk on this side! :)”  -Gina


“Wow, that piece you just posted is some really good medicine for me this morning. I’m over here with tears streaming down my face. Thank you so much for your gracious offerings. They mean more than you could possibly know my brother.”  -Ryan


“When my girl and I go for walks, we listen to your music. I have it playing in the house… it’s like having groovy ghosts.”   -Todd


“You’re album is my alarm clock. I love waking up to you.”   -Jasmine